What is beauty? Types of beauty and how to achieve them?


What is being beautiful?

Beauty is discerned as a positive aesthetic value, usually contrasted with Repulsiveness. It’s a property that evokes pleasure when gleaned through our senses, most commonly associated with visual appearance.

How it feels being beautiful?

There are both strengths and weaknesses to navigate, and it’s important to remember that outward beauty is only one aspect of a person’s worth.


Confidence boost:

Getting know one’s beauty can lead to empowered self-image and confidence, making it easier to pursue opportunities.

Favorable treatment:

Beautiful people can sometimes experience benefits like cronyism in certain situations, especially in cultures that heavily emphasize physical appearance.

Increased attention:

Attractive people can attract positive Engrossment and admiration, leading to new relationships and opportunities.



Being like one’s worth is primarily based on beauty can be dehumanizing.

Unwanted attention:

Constant attention, especially from strangers, can make us uncomfortable.

Flimsy relationships:

Some relationships might be superficial, solely based on physical attraction, leading to heartache.

It’s important to remember that inner beauty matters. True beauty lies in kindness, intelligence and humor

Enhancement of beauty:

Inner glow comes from:

  1. Health care
  2. Self-acceptance
  3. Kindness and empathy

Outer glow comes from:

  1. Skin care
  2. Haircare
  3. Fashion and style
  4. Grooming

Ultimately enhancing beauty is personal journey of self-care.